Thank God it's Friday

At lunchtime, Sam picks up Tom and drops him on his head on the concrete SECTION:Features NO PHYSICAL FILEMonday This is the last week I will drive to the school where I have been deputy head for 11 years and acting head for one term. At the last staff meeting of my teaching career, I try to find people willing to take over some of my projects and responsibilities. I describe the tasks needing completion next term so someone can explain them to the new head. I don't want to leave. There is so much still to be done.

Tuesday A parent accuses a teacher of bullying her child. I reassure the teacher, make a plan and await the parent. She doesn't appear. At lunchtime, Sam picks up Tom and drops him on his head on the concrete. When I contact the parent, I am accused of negligence because his child has not seen a doctor. It is only 10 minutes since the accident happened. I am pleased to hear later that no damage has been done. Today I want to leave.

Wednesday I accompany Years 3 and 4 on their trip to the pantomime. Jake's teacher needs a break from him so she puts him in my group. I sit beside him in the theatre. He reminds me that I had to sit beside him last year as well. On the way home, Jake and his sparring partner manage to get to the back seat of the coach. I sit between them to keep the peace. I look forward to not sitting beside Jake next year.

Thursday Father Christmas accompanies our Walking Bus and I take a photo.

The travel team at the local authority like it so much, they want to release it to the press. At our carol service, the children sing beautifully, read well and listen quietly, except for Sam from foundation stage who, during the reading about Jesus the Saviour of the World, nudges his friend Xavier and says excitedly "He's talking about you!" When the foundation children sing their carol, there is a collective "Aaah" from the upper juniors. I don't want to leave.

Friday I hear from Jake's teacher that his behaviour has been appalling all morning. What a pity that it is raining so heavily that my last playground duty has to be not only inside, but in Jake's classroom. Later, I am very moved by the books of memories presented to me by the children and proud of our School Council who raise pound;200 for charity by organising a fancy dress non-uniform day. Today, I don't know whether I want to leave or not!

Alison Boyd used to work at a primary school in Oxfordshire.

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