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Thanks be to god-providers

I suppose you can't blame the Government for allowing our schools to be taken over by God-bothering entrepreneurs. Labour's values are, after all, not that far from Christianity - just without the fairies at the bottom of the garden. Having said that, I'm not sure how many of the business folk sponsoring schools academies have rejected all worldly goods. But can it really be true that the Almighty is about to have a role in post-16 education as well?

It would seem so , according to a presentation slide from the Department for Education and Skills. "We will encourage innovation and new models of delivery," says the puff, which is full of pseudo-management speak about the "power to innovate" and "collaborative partnerships" - presumably designed to prevent us from staying awake before we reach the last line, which is far more sinister: "We will encourage new providers and existing god providers to expand and take on new work," it says.

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