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That's for private eyes only, lad

Of all the inappropriate sexual material in the world, Private Eye, the satirical magazine, probably comes pretty far down the list.

But that did not stop one school from banning it, alongside Tom Sharpe's comic novel, Blott on the Landscape, on account of its "unsuitable" sexual innuendo.

Thurso High School, which happens to be the most northerly secondary school on mainland Britain, stepped in when pupil Alasdair Watson was discovered reading the contraband material. After an appeal to the Highland council's director of education, Thurso High relented.

The school agreed to let Alasdair, who suffers from Asperger's syndrome and ADHD, read the offensive book and magazine, on condition that he only does so outside of the classroom.

The sauciest thing Alasdair is likely to find in his newly legalised Private Eye magazine is a column about verbal gaffes called "Colemanballs" and a cartoon about football named "The Premiersh*ts".

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