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Theatre in education

CragRats Theatre in Education Company perform BSafe (above), a pilot programme for secondary schools on health and safety at work, at St Mary's College, Hull. It is produced by HTI (Heads, Teachers and Industry) and targets Year 10s.

Young people are statistically more at risk of being seriously injured in the workplace than any other group. Last year, workers under 18 suffered seven fatalities, more than 2,000 major injuries and 8,300 accidents that required them to take off more than three days work. Anne Evans, chief executive of HTI says: "While there is a government agenda to provide more work experience for students, there hasn't been enough thinking about how to address risk education beforehand. I passionately believe every student should see this before they do their work experience."

The company is seeking sponsorship to take BSafe nationwide. Tel: CragRats on 01484 686451

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