Their lives in your hands

You are coming to the end of your first term and are probably feeling relieved that the Christmas break is just a few weeks away.

By now, your pupils will have got to know you. You are a familiar figure in their lives and, hopefully, a person they can trust. But what if one of them springs the bombshell that they are pregnant, or being abused? Would you know what to do, or say? And to whom should you turn for help and support ? To find out, see Demeter Lowrison's guide to confidentiality in the classroom.

Meanwhile, James Heartfield shows us that there is more to Christianity that the orthodox face of Roman Catholicism and the Church of England in this month's cultural feature, focusing on non-conformists and their specific beliefs.

As ever, your problems and worries are dealt with by our team of experts, and on the back page we even help you to decide when to set the video.

As usual, please let us know what you want to read on these pages. We welcome your ideas and comments. Enjoy this issue.

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