There is a good side to Bolton

YOUR report on Bolton College (FE Focus, June 2) seems to focus on the negative side of life.

I have taught here for 28 years and I must inform your readers that this is a robust and supportive college for its students.

Problems with the management and the funding mechanism have not really influenced the students, but have of course had an effect on the staff.

In spite of the problems and the very competitve nature of FE in Bolton, the college has helped thousands of students to pursue a more purposeful life - even if they do not always get that certificate.

No doubt the acting principal, in good faith, will carry out the usual culling in the inerests of efficiency, but one must ask why should the staff and future students have to pay for past errors when they were not at fault in any way.

In fact the staff were ignored when they raised the issues of funding management in the early days of incorporation. One may also ask what were the college's financial advisers about. How can one get so far behind financially without someone asking serious questions at a senior level?

Finally it seems rather sad that you should feel two students bunking off to the canteen is a big issue, perhaps this does not happen in other colleges?

Dr EK Isaac, 1 Red Row. Heath Charnock, Chorley, Lancashire

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