There is life after apprenticeship

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I was somewhat dismayed to read Brian W Bell's article ("Finished before he's really begun," TES, August 4) about his son's unfortunate sacking at the end of his apprenticeship.

I have been running a similar training scheme for more than four years in Hereford. I can honestly say that his comments are definitely not a true reflection of all the schemes and some of the points raised, I feel, are unfair and misleading.

During my time at Three Counties Training Services there has only been one person who was not offered a job at the end of his training scheme (and he managed to secure a position a few weeks later.). In the Hereford and Worcester Training and Enterprise Council area, a lot of time and effort goes into securing the youngsters' futures and I am proud to say that we, as a training organisation, have achieved good results. This, I must admit, has to go hand-in-hand with the many companies in this area who not only pay substantially more than the Youth Training Allowance but are also dedicated to the training and development of the youngsters under their wing.

I feel sorry for Mr Bell's son, but please don't tar all schemes with the same brush because it is definitely not indicative of this area.

ELAINE PEBERDY Careership manager Three Counties Training Services Ltd 12A The Cattle Market Hereford

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