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There is more to life than just being a successful teacher

I started to read with great interest "Made in Sheffield", about the impact Anne Stafford has had on her school (Friday, January 18).

I enjoyed the piece but cast it aside in dismay when I read Ms Stafford's claim that: "I don't have any hobbies, any friends. This is my life."

How sad. I'm fed up with reading features on successful teachers who admit with some pride that their job is everything and that they have no life beyond it. Not interested, I'm afraid.

Where are the people who can excel at their jobs and still have a healthy life beyond school? These are the people who should be interviewed and held up as role models. People such as Ms Stafford will do nothing to entice others to join the profession or to aspire to headship. If that it what it takes to be a success, I think that most of us will have to settle for mediocrity.

I always thought the best teachers were those who interacted with the real world.

Robin Halls, Rainham, Kent

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