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There will be plenty left to go round

Your front-page story ("Key teach-ers take the cash", TES, January 30) last week was remarkable for an absence of crucial facts. The Government is funding the creation of more than 200 literacy consultant posts this year. Decisions on numeracy will follow consultation.

Since these 200 or so posts are being recruited from among almost 20,000 primary heads and 190.000 primary teachers, many of whom are skilled in the teaching of literacy, their appointment is unlikely to have the dire effects you suggest.

Research shows that training for teachers is most effective when it is organised and delivered by successful practitioners with expertise in the relevant field. That is why we must recruit excellent teach take the lite towards the target we have set. I am sure teachers generally will welcome the fact that the training in this critical area will be led by people who understand the day-to-day realities of primary classrooms.


Head Standards and effectiveness unit Department for Education and Employment

London SW1

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