They're not the only ones who have been forgotten

I read with interest your article last week about the 100 students of Stirling University who have an eight-month wait before being included in the probationary scheme.

I am, however, increasingly annoyed at the lack of interest in the students of Stirling University who only graduated in March of this year. An eight-month wait while we search in vain for supply is one thing, but our search will not be over after the summer. We are the forgotten ones, missed by the Executive, the unions and, sadly, by yourselves as well.

I have written to the Educational Institute of Scotland, the Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association and even to the First Minister, but I have never received an acknowledgement never mind a reply.

I urge you to highlight probationers such as myself who have been missed by McCrone. Not only are we missed from the farce that is the probationary scheme (the concept is good but the management ridiculous), but we are unable to get jobs because no council is hiring - and, as of next year, it will be impossible as only fully qualified teachers are eligible for permanent contracts.

Alan Hamilton Kirkintilloch Road Bishopbriggs

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