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Three cheers for tertiary system

The Wolverhampton timetable co-ordination regime is an interesting response to what Peter Hawthorne, their 14-to-19 co-ordinator, calls "a supply-led system with choices available to young people limited by the way schools are organised" (TES, July 16).

One of his neighbouring boroughs - Dudley - overcame this problem nearly 30 years ago by establishing a tertiary system with a sixth-form college, a tertiary college and two general further education colleges. This provides more subject choice than the Wolverhampton model with 45 ASA-level subjects available at the sixth-form college alone, reduces the need for time-consuming and energy-wasting commuting and creates a strong "home institution" pastoral support system.

I commend it to him.

John Glazier

27 Stourton Crescent


West Midlands

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