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Ticket to ride

(Photograph) - Few of us get through the day without a using little mental maths - working out change, finding the right money for the ticket machine, dreamily dividing up our lottery winnings. The National Curriculum and the National Numeracy Strategy emphasise the need for children to become fluent in the values and vocabulary of our notes and coins. This project gives children an opportunity for more practice in money transactions, using a bus journey as its focus.


I've got a pound for my return fare. I wonder how much change I have?

I've got a pound coin anf fifty pence. How much change will I have?

I've got a two pound coin. How much will I have?

Daljit , Sean and Daljit's aunt are going to town on the bus. Can you answer their questions? (You'll eneed to study "Facts about fares" to get the right answers). When you've answered them, try "pupil activities", which are a bit harder

"WHERE DOES YOUR BUS FARE GO?". This is Mr Johal the bus driver. He earns pound;6.50 an hour. How much does Mr Johal earn in a week if he works an eight-hour shift over five days?

PUPIL ACTIVITIES. * How much will Daljit, Daljit's aunt and Sean pay altogether for their return fares?

* If Daljit's aunt pays all three return fares with a five pound note, how much change will she have?

* A return is cheaper than two singles. How much does Daljit save if she buys a return instead of two singles?

* How much does her aunt save if she buys a return instead of two singles?

* Look at the people in the queue. There are children and adults. They are all going to town. They are all buying return tickets. How much money will they give the driver altogether?

(You could use your calculator for this.)

FACTS ABOUT FARES . Fares to town cost: 80p adult single. pound;1.30 adult return. 40p child single. 65p child return.



The busdoes four kilometres per litel. Fuel costs 55p a litre. How much does the fuel cost for a 16 kilometre trip to town?

You ought to get a five-day pass today. It's better value. You know why don't you?

Well, let's see. The adult return fare is one pound thirty, and I go to town and back five times a week. Would a five day pass be cheaper?

My return fare is onlysixty five pence. I go to town about twice a year, so would a child's pass be good value for me?

FARE FACTS. Bus basses cost: Adult five-day pass pound;6. Child's five-day pass pound;3

PUPIL ACTIVITIES. * A pass saves money if you use the bus a lot. Daljit's aunt buys four five-day passes each month. Each month she makes twenty journeys to town and back. How much does she save in bus fares each month?

* Would she still save money if she only made nineteen return journeys? If she only made eighteen?


I treated you all in the cafe, and it cost me five pounds thirty-five. How much change did I get out of pound;10?

Well, I had egg on toast and a cola. How much was that?

And I had egg, sausage and chips and a fizzy orange. How much do you think that was?

I only had a cup of tea and a toasted teacake, how much was that?

CAFE MENU. Egg 80p. Egg on toast 85p. Sausage 50p. Chips 30p. All soft drinks 90p. Toasted teacake 65p. Tea 45p.

PUPIL ACTIVITIES. * If Daljit's Aunt had only had five pounds to spend in the cafe, suggest what each the three might have had to eat. Try to keep your choices near to what they actually had.

* How would you spend three pounds fifty in the cafe?

* What item on the menu seems to be poor value for money?

* What item looks like good value for money?

WHERE DOES OUR BUS GO?. This new bus cost pound;120,000. The bus company will buy five new buses this year. How much money will the bus company spend on new buses this year?

Illustrated by Lydia Monks.

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