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Tights spot

It's not every heidie that makes the same boast as Isabel Lind, headteacher of Ravenscraig primary in Inverclyde. Introducing herself to a conference of local authority CPD co-ordinators in Edinburgh recently, Lind announced:

"I'm known as the headteacher with matching tits."

A loud laugh went up - or was it a quiet titter? - but her bemused audience were not quite sure where to look. They collectively exhaled in relief as she offered clarification.

In her younger days, she told them, she used to have quite a colourful dress sense - presumably even more colourful than the fuchsia pink dress and jacket she was sporting on the day of the conference. Asked to write an essay describing his headteacher, one pupil wrote: "Mrs Lind has matching tits."

"His powers of observation were obviously quite good but it was clear we needed to work harder on his spelling," Lind recalled. "What he meant to write was that I used to wear matching tights."

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