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Time to employ quality teachers

Letters - The quality of newly qualified teachers

Letters - The quality of newly qualified teachers

The recent comments about the indifferent quality of some newly-qualified teachers are at odds with my experience. As a secondary maths teacher, I have just witnessed a cohort of new teachers successfully complete their probationary year and enter unemployment.

Having spent several years as a teaching fellow in a Scottish university and having been involved in mentoring new teachers for a decade, I can honestly say that these teachers were well trained and highly motivated; the loss of them is tragic.

There may be pressure to alter teacher training in Scotland, which I presume will lead to reduced funding for university education departments and the establishment of "cheaper" in-house apprenticeships. The challenge for Scottish education is, therefore, to employ the quality teachers we have trained and maintain adequate staffing levels in our schools and colleges.

Paul Philippou, Graham's Place, King Street, Perth.

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