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The time machines

For a laptop made by a company called Time, speed is essential. And they don't come much faster than the Time Ultima. It boots up in 40 seconds and launches a program like Word almost instantly. The four hot keys on the keyboard can get you to your favourite programmes or files even more rapidly.

The CD playerwriter is also built for speed. Instead of waiting for a flimsy carrier to slowly emerge for you to place a CD carefully on the spindle, as with most laptops, the Ultima only requires you to quickly slide the CD into the available slot. Its contents then immediately appear on screen.

The Ultima isn't light on the shoulder but it has power and speed to burn, and with that in mind, it's not too heavy on the wallet.


pound;999 ex VAT. 15.1" SXGATFT screen. Intel Pentium P4 2.66GHz processor. 512MB DDR RAM. nVidia Geforce 4 Go 64MB DDR. 4 USB ports. 60GB hard drive. CD-RWDVD combo drive (slot) Memory Card Reader. Firewire 10100 Ethernet. Tel: 01282 777555


pound;799 ex VAT. 15.1" SXGA screen AMD Athlon XP 2400+ Mobile. 512MB DDR RAM. 40GB hard drive. CD-RWDVD combo drive (tray). Wireless card. Firewire; Ethernet. Tel: 01282 777555.

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