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Time out

Kathleen Reeves is librarian and a Year 2 teacher at Highfield Prep School, HarrogateWe use the museum in many different ways. On some occasions, we have handling sessions. I haven't been to one but my colleagues tell me they are very good.

There is a curator who talks to the children and they come away with much more knowledge.

When these children were in Year 1 they came to look at the toys and swimming costumes.

We will be going back because we haven't had time today to look at some of the things in the permanent collection. We can just pop in for half an hour.

Later on in the year we will be drawing the outside as part of art work.

Year 4 study the local environment. They do a trail round the museum, taking in Harrogate's history, and then into Valley Gardens. They study the gardens and its buildings in great detail.

The children are safe here. Our school is just five years old and we've been using the museum since we opened.

We can just pop down - and it's free to local schools.

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