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Time out

Anne Good is a teacher at Portsmouth High School

"We are doing Britain since 1930 this term and we have been looking at evacuation. We've come for the Home Front Experience - we come to the museum every year.

It brings the whole topic to life for the children. They really enjoy seeing some of the artefacts and to have the chance to handle some of the things as well.

We'll be looking at items connected with the Home Front - rationing, evacuation, the air raid precautions.

Back in school we're going to carry on with the topic. Later in the year we might have a "Make do and mend day" and things like that.

Portsmouth High School was evacuated to Hinton Ampner, near Winchester. We have one child here today whose grandmother was part of that group.

Quite a lot of the children have spoken to grandparents and relatives about their wartime memories. It was incredible, the range of experiences we heard from people who had been evacuated - somebody had actually had a prisoner of war on their farm.

This experience really complements our work."

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