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Time out

Steve Craggs of Ansford Community School, Castle Cary Education for sustainability has been part of our philosophy for 10 years.

So to have Carymoor Environmental Centre on our doorstep provides the school with a wonderful resource. The children can see sustainability in action and become involved in influencing their own environment. They can even walk to Carymoor, saving fossil fuel.

Our children know this area well and many of the older ones and their parents remember what the site was like before Carymoor began work on it.

Every time we take a group of students down here, there seems to be something new, like the straw-bale house, willow beds or recycling methane.

All key stages can use Carymoor to support topics from history (replica Iron Age house) to science (energy conservation and environmental awareness). We also work with Carymoor's teaching staff to provide experiences that meet precise curriculum needs. Carymoor offers practical learning, and it will be in this area that new developments will occur.

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