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Time out

Thelma Hopper, head of Science, Sandwich Technology School, Sandwich, Kent The brewery tour includes an explanation of the modification of yeast in the brewing industry. This should give students enough information to be able to relate the biochemical fermentation they have studied in books to the working world of the brewing industry.

I think it has achieved that, it's very good. I hope they will have enough information to write the sections on brewing and fermentation.

And when they do the practical, they will be able to relate what's actually happening in the bio-reactor to what they have seen here.

The brewery always give us a question and answer session at the end, and usually one of the scientists from the brewery laboratory takes it. That makes the job seem very real to pupils - they could get a degree themselves and then work in this industry. It also gives a good vocational feel to their project work.

This visit helps in the school's aim to prepare students for employment or university and make them independent.

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