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Time out

Rebecca Dalton, head of history, The Cooper School, Bicester

I stumbled across Action Stations on the web while I was looking for something with team building and lots of fun - things that would make the boys happy as well as the girls. It's been incredibly easy and I've had direct contact with Peter Wright (the learning development manager) by phone and email whenever I've wanted.

A lot of planning has gone on because there are probably about 20 activities going on at a time and yet the kids are rotated efficiently around them. You don't get that without a high level of organisation.

The children learned very basic skills like listening to instructions and following them, making decisions, considering all the options and making a plan before they got started on anything. All of that sort of thing's absolutely vital.

The have done a lot of logic problems and puzzles which boosts their thinking skills and will feed back into various lessons.

I'm definitely going to bring the kids back again. I think they had an absolute blast.

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