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Time out trips

Kim Roach is head of art at Ynysawdre School in Bridgend, South Wales

About two years ago we were studying Aborigines and came down to an Aborigine exhibition with a storyteller and it was absolutely fantastic.

With Year 7 we study the basic elements and we look at line, tone, pattern, shape and form and when we heard about the exhibition, "Patterns of India", we decided to visit again. We looked in general at the Commonwealth and we had a worksheet that we designed ourselves and the children went around reading all the information.

The second part of the day was a workshop with a textiles artist. First, they were printing with his blocks. Then they went up to the photography exhibition and looked at all the different patterning on fabrics and architecture before coming down to make blocks themselves.

We've also got a group of Year 8 students with us who are with a community group called Valley and Vale and they are doing work on the Commonwealth.

The students were excited by it and the artist, and the people helping around the exhibition are just first class.

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