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Time to stand up to bullies

Stricter measures must be introduced on cyberbullying. Bullying Online has been dealing for the last six years with the issue, where the school bully is exploiting technology for his own ends.

Following numerous complaints, we visited abusive internet forums in the UK, quickly closed some down thanks to our links with website hosts in the US and Canada, and persuaded some teenage-run sites that they were putting others at risk unless they could monitor what people write.

Schools are quick to deny that abusive websites, sometimes featuring pictures of their victim, are uploaded from class, but there's no doubt from the quantity of postings that these sites are very active at lunchtime, hence acceptable internet- use policies need to be updated regularly.

We've also had complaints of children being upset, and then pictures or videos of them taken with camera phones have been circulated to other pupils.

Offensive websites, chatroom abuse, death threats by text message - all demand a much higher level of intervention by schools.

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