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A time to teach and a time to live

I WAS fascinated by the article "Lore of the Jungle" (TES, April 18) and the subsequent extract from Rafe Esquith's book - the trouble is that I was also worried on three counts.

Worried because as a teacher in an independent school, I work 50-55 hours a week in school, not to mention the work outside for preparation. Worried because I actually like seeing my six-year-old daughter in the morning and evening. Worried because Mr Esquith's example potentially paints the rest of us in a bad light - what if a parent saw that article and wanted longer hours for their child?

I have no intention of leaving the house before my daughter gets up every morning, and returning just before she goes to bed. I can only assume that Mr Esquith is either single or has a very understanding partner.

I am full of admiration for the determination and effort he seems to put into his students' education, and I have no doubt that it is tremendously rewarding, but I know that I could not and would not do it.

Julian Holland

91 College Road


Woodbridge, Suffolk

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