Timeline: dating the events described in the Bible is difficult

The dates given below are approximate but may serve to give children a sense of the sequence of biblical history.

c1200BC - Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt.

c1000BC - The 12 tribes of Israel are united under King David (left).

c966BC - David's son Solomon becomes king. He builds a temple in Jerusalem.

c926BC - The kingdom splits into Israel and Judah.

c722BC - Israel is destroyed by the Assyrians.

c587BC - Judah is invaded by the Babylonians and thousands of Jews go into captivity in Babylon.

c516BC - The Persians conquer Babylon and the Jews are allowed to return and rebuild Jerusalem.

c322BC - The Jews are conquered by Alexander the Great.

c165BC - Judas Maccabeus revolts against the Seleucids, the ruling family that succeeded Alexander the Great. The story of this campaign is commemorated every year at Hanukah.

c63BC - Palestine becomes the Roman province of Judea.

cAD70 - Jerusalem is besieged by the Romans and the temple is destroyed.

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