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Timely tips for the Cenotaph;Letter;News and opinion

PERHAPS Adrian Mourby (TES, November 12) should have considered Ted's Likely Teaching Tips:

1. Why do so few servicemen lay wreaths at the Cenotaph?

2. Why do so many different civilian Commonwealth representatives lay wreaths?

3. Why is a former London bus driver one of the first to lay a wreath?

4. Why does the Chief Rabbi and other religious leaders stand so close to the Cenotaph?

5. Why do all the older ex-servicemen appear to be so sad when they are interviewed?

6. Now look at all the people at the end of Whitehall. Have there been any other wars beyond the two World Wars which they might have taken part in? Are they soldiers or civilians?

7. Can you see any former female members of the services at the end of Whitehall?

8. Why does the Prince of Wales look so sad?

Music section

9. Describe the music. (Note: No Spice Girls. Introduce the words sombre and reflective.)

10. What do the army musicians do in wartime? (Note: they are trained medical assistants who care for the wounded and dying of all sides. Extension paper - Geneva Convention.)

IT section

11. On the Internet see if you can find any of the 40 or so wars taking place as you read this.

Paul Brunyee, 3, Broughton Rise, Malton, North Yorkshire

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