Tips of the trade: 13. End of term

If you're doing something special, the planning and organisation will need to be as tight as for any other lesson. The "fun" must be on your terms, and participation should not be optional. If you are going to have some sort of competition, have clear rules, measures to ensure everyone participates, and enough "transparency" to convince them you are not taking sides. Make it (loosely) work-related. Prizes are a great idea - lots of small ones rather than a few big ones. Try to avoid leaving a minority with nothing.

Set homework, but make sure it doesn't require a fortnight's marking in September. Read, practise and learn are good instructions. If you are setting exercises, include an answer sheet. Set work that requires little or no marking - for example, groups of pupils researching and presenting or role-playing a topic.

Get them to reflect on the year's work by picking a favourite piece from their exercise book. Brainstorm this to generate discussion. Put together a simple "review of the year" sheet for the pupils to fill in. This helps them set their work in context and will provide you with valuable feedback. Discuss with the class the key skill - such as communication and working with others - they have used over the year. Talk to classes about what they are going to study next year. Get them to look at and discuss the books they will be using.

Use the pupils to help with filing and room tidying. Then enjoy the holidays.

John Honeybul and Roy Watson-Davis John Honeybul is deputy head of Rokeby school, London borough of Newham. Roy Watson-Davis is a teacher at Blackfen school for girls, Bexley. We pay for all tips published. Send yours to:

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