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TLRs: how they work

* Schools will not be able to award any new management allowances after December 31. They can start introducing them after that. The date depends on when schools start new staff structures.

* To receive TLRs, you must take on "sustained additional responsibility" for improving education. For TLR 1, that must include line management for significant numbers

* Other factors include your role in leading, managing and developing a subject or curriculum area, leading and managing pupil development across the curriculum, and enhancing the teaching practice of other staff. Your work should have an impact beyond your own pupils.

* TLR 1 will be worth pound;6,500 to pound;11,000; TLR 2 pound;2,250-Pounds 5,500. Schools will be able to appoint staff anywhere on these two scales, but if different allowances are awarded to two or more teachers, there must be a difference of at least pound;1,500 between each payment.

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