TLRs: your questions anwered

Answers to queries about TLRs from the Government's Rewards and Incentives Group Why the move away from management allowances?

The disproportionate costs, pound;920m, were a concern. A study found:

* there was little consistency between or within schools;

* some allowances were awarded for recruitment and retention and some for performance;

* some were for administrative responsibilities that should have been carried out by support staff What is the last date management allowances must be offered and accepted?

December 31, 2005. New allowances can only last for up to 12 months.

What is the earliest date teaching and learning responsibility payments can be introduced?

January 1, 2006.

Do schools have to introduce TLRs then?

TLRs can be introduced at any point during a three-year transition period up to January 1, 2009.

Are foundation and voluntary-aided schools involved?

Yes.@Sansfullrr = Will heads have to consult staff on proposed changes in the structure?

Yes, and union representatives.

What about schools which claim that they cannot afford the new structure?

There is nothing in the statutory provisions which compels schools to incur additional expenditure.

Will there be fewer allowances?

This will depend on the decisions made by schools but the group expects the overall cost to be less than the total paid on management allowances.

Is this a cost-cutting exercise?


Will it be possible to place a different cash value on an existing allowance which appears as a TLR?

Yes. However, if the cash value is lower and the responsibilities remain the same, it will be necessary to justify this.

Can a teacher hold two TLR payments?


Can two teachers share a single TLR payment?

No, unless they are job sharing a post which has a TLR attached.

Can a TLR payment cover a number of responsibilities?

It is highly likely that in a number of schools TLR payments will cover a range ofresponsibilities.

Can there be temporary TLRs?


Few primary schools can achieve the higher TLRs. Isn't this potentially unfair?

Nothing prevents primary schools paying the higher level of TLR if they want a post or posts in the structure which justifies it.

Can teachers appeal about decisions made?

Yes to the school's governors.

Will schools have to implement the changes in one go or can they be phased?

Schools can phase changes in between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2008.

What about Wales?

The Welsh Assembly has said its schools do not to have to complete the review until March 31 2006.


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