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Is toast the opposite of bread?

First Hand Experience: What Matters to Children offers ideas for inspiring children to go with every letter of the alphabet. O is for opposites includes the following suggestions:


* dry things wet and wet things dry

* music with high and low sounds, with quiet and loud episodes

* paintings with light and dark colours about day and night

* hot and cold food

* work opposite a partner and be their mirror image

* use the hand you do not usually use INVESTIGATE

* different ways you can make something or yourself go: inout; updown; underover; througharound; onoff

* Things which open and close (eyes, books, hands, doors, windows, jars, boxes)

* ways of turning words into opposites with pictures, objects or acting-out: ableunable; stickunstick; trueuntrue; kindunkind; respectdisrespect QUESTIONS WORTH ASKING

* What is the opposite of rabbit, umbrella, tree, sock?

* Is there an opposite of opposite?

* What makes an opposite opposite?

* Is toast the opposite of bread?

* Are there opposites of every feeling you have?

* What things have no opposites?

* Do numbers and shapes have opposites?

* What is the opposite of everybody?

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