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Toll of 10 deaths in just two years

Rochelle Cauvet and Hannah Black were among 10 pupils who have died on school activity trips in just over two years. The tragedy was the second involving schoolgirls from Leeds during that time. Nine of the 10 victims were girls.

* Amy Ransom, 17, from Buckinghamshire, was one of three girls who died in July last year. She fell from a mountain path on a school sponsored trip to Vietnam.

* That same month Bunmi Shagayi, from Hillmead primary in Brixton, south London, drowned in a lake in France.

* A day later Yunus Ismail Moola, 17, from Gloucester technology college, drowned in a quarry at an end-of-term barbeque.

* In February 2001, Nasreen Jamalzadeh, 15, from Ursuline high school in Wimbledon, London, died after being thrown from a toboggan in the Austrian Alps.

* In August 2000, Boys' Brigade member Craig Norsworthy, 15, from Edinburgh, died when a coach carrying 38 youngsters careered off a road near Paris.

* In January 2000, Rachel Williams, from Hayle community school, Cornwall, died after skiing into a tree in Heavenly Valley, Nevada.

* In September 1999, Elizabeth Bee, nine, from Boundary Oak school, Hampshire, drowned after she was trapped under a capsized boat during a trip to Portsmouth Harbour.

* In June 1999, Gemma Carter, 13, from Cockburn high school, Leeds, drowned while paddling at Le Touquet, France.

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