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Tomb fit for a king

Immortal Pharaoh: the tomb of Thutmosis III, City Art Centre, Edinburgh.

Tel: 0131 529 3993;; October 1-January 9; admission: pound;6 adults, pound;4.50 children (and concessions), pre-booked school group Pounds 3 per pupil An exact replica of the burial chamber of the Pharaoh Thutmose III from the Valley of the Kings in Egypt is the centrepiece of the first Egyptian exhibition to be held in Edinburgh since "The Gold of the Pharaohs" in 1988. In its only UK show, "Immortal Pharaoh" will reveal unique artefacts from Thutmose's reign from 1479 to 1426 BC, part of Egypt's glorious era when it laid the foundations of its African and Asian empire; and will illustrate the rituals surrounding burial, mummification and the belief in resurrection. But the highlight is the tomb, which contains a depiction of the "Amduat", the oldest Egyptian book of the netherworld that chronicles the pharaoh's 12-hour journey to the afterlife.

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