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Tone down the sex talk

ony Blair's smirking revelation that he is a five-times-a-night-man - possibly the most desperate vote-catching bid ever - marked the point where the UK became officially sex obsessed. So why the surprise that three sisters became mothers at the ages of 12, 14 and 16? They and their boyfriends are just doing what sells everything from ice-cream to the Labour party. And we're surprised at soaring teenage pregnancies?

As usual, sex education was blamed. In this case the proud granny claimed it had come too late. Did she overlook the fact that one of the new fathers is 38? The moral of the story: either we have a serious national debate on sex education and then do it properly, or else tone down our oversexed culture.

Alternatively, let's hear more detail about nookie at Number 10. That should make sex terminally uncool.

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