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Too much small talk

Should TESS - and Gregor Steele in particular - not respond a bit more politely, or even positively, to readers' comments?

I suggested in the letters page (27 January) that some of Gregor Steele's columns were uninteresting and valueless and he has responded by devoting the bulk of his next column to ironing. It's just ridiculous, and juvenile.

And may I enquire if Gregor's column is in the right place? The banner states "comment and analysis" and not "small talk".

I think "comment and analysis" is a key part of TESS which included this week (17 February) a thought-provoking article about attainment and teaching to the test, a well-written column about 10-year-olds and another highly amusing parody of school life featuring Morris Simpson.

Gregor Steele's piece about his ironing preferences didn't really fit. Perhaps his "small talk" - he is welcome to use the title - could be moved to the same page as the equally tedious Anne Thrope column, so that serious readers like myself can, quite easily, give both a miss.

And may I also suggest that, in future, well-intentioned feedback from readers should not be treated with such contempt.

Alison Geddes, Hamilton.

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