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Too short to teach?

Here is just taste of what users in TES online forums are saying this week.

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Littlegiggles: I'm starting my PGCE in two weeks and am getting quite nervous: I'm only 4ft10in and look quite young!

Kumba-yah: Try walking on tippy toes.

Lollyx: It's fine, though do expect to be told every week by proud Year 7s, "I'm taller than you!" I'm 5ft4in and look young - a blessing, but also a curse when I was yelled at by the deputy head in my first NQT week for being inside at break!

anteater: It won't make it any easier being short, but it will only be an issue if you let it. And you can get tall boys to do all your reaching and stuff - some of them get quite protective. You'll be fine as long as you can make a joke of it yourself.

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