Tool up for live lessons

PRIMARY TEACHERS will be able to incorporate a range of internet-based resources into their lessons, using a new online planner.

The interactive tool, part of the national primary strategy, is designed to help teachers adapt the online primary framework to suit their classroom needs.

Directed by step-by-step instructions, teachers can upload their own lesson plans. Sample templates are also provided.

Teachers can then use the tool to box off chunks of text from the primary framework and upload them directly into their template. The tool automatically formats the template, so the text fits.

Similarly, users can visit other sites, highlight text and import it into the template, along with pictures, video footage and weblinks.

The tool allows teachers to open a lesson plan in the classroom and have immediate access, on interactive whiteboards, to any pictures or web footage they might want.

A "bucket" area collects any copied text and saves it for future use. This text reappears each time the teacher logs in.

Pete Dudley, director of the national primary strategy, said: "This will enable teachers to personalise planning.

"It's about school ownership, about manipulating the framework to suit the needs of schools, children and children's learning."

The new primary framework was launched last October. Since then, more than 28,000 teachers have signed up for the tool.

Yateen Bhoola, deputy head at Mission Grove primary in east London, is among those who previewed the tool. "It empowers teachers to make lesson plans their own," he said. "But it's a bit technical. You need training, or you might just pick up other teachers' lesson plans and use them."

Later this year, the framework website will expand to include areas on assessment and a forum in which teachers will be able to discuss what works well for them.


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