Top 10

Use these resources to teach students about fair trade on World Fair Trade Day (11 May).

Fair trade assembly

Help pupils understand global trade issues and look at success stories from Ghana and Haiti.

Fair trade poem

Use this poem to explore fair trade products and initiatives.

Cotton and fair trade

Geography resources shared by Fairtrade Foundation.

Cotton: from seed to garment

Learn about cotton, trade and fair trade.

India's cotton farmers

Photographs of cotton farmers will bring lessons to life.

Cotton fair trading plan

Investigate the interdependence of the cotton trade and the difference fair trade can make.

Cotton resources

Posters, displays and videos explaining fair trade.

Fair trade thought tree

Explain the importance of fair trade in citizenship lessons.

Questions of justice

Debate whether fair trade is an instrument of justice.

Fair trade primary school

Photographs from a school in India showing the benefits of fair trade projects.

For these resources and more, go to bit.lyWorldFairTrade2013.

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