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It's Christmas!

Add a dash of seasonal cheer to your classroom with these Christmas resources.

Newsflash: Baby Jesus is born

A news-writing activity based on the Christmas story.

Festive fractions

Use Christmas pictures to help pupils work out fractions.

Bingo bells

Discover how many Christmas words pupils know in French with this picture bingo game.

Christmas carols

Try pwilloughby3's original carols and add some variety to your Christmas service.

Weihnachten vocab

Picture cards to help pupils remember Christmas words in German.

Christmas countdown clock

Can pupils pack up before the countdown Christmas tree clock is decorated?

Who killed Santa?

Pupils must use their maths skills to work out who has ruined Christmas.

Did Rudolph lead Santa's sleigh?

Find out how much pupils know about Christmas with this simple true-or-false quiz.

Ready-made carol service

Try these readings, carols and beautiful graphics to get your audience in the Christmas mood.

Celebrating Christmas

Try these resources to explore Christmas customs, from carols and candles to trees.

Find these and other seasonal resources in TES's Christmas collection. bit.lytesChristmas.

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