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Top 10 - New year

Try these resources to get pupils thinking about calendars, resolutions and Christmas card recycling during the first weeks of term.

History of new year

Explore the origins of new year celebrations.

My Christmas and new year

Try these literacy exercises to help pupils write about their holidays.


Children can express their hopes for the year with this writing frame.

SMART targets

Help pupils to ensure their new year goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timed using this presentation.

New year assembly

Reflect on the meaning of the new year.

New year acrostic

A simple and colourful acrostic poem template for "new year".


Teach pupils about the order of the months.

Literacy: the year

Try these activities to help pupils discuss dates, seasons and special events.

Colouring calendars

Children can create their own calendars using four colouring-in templates.

Recycling Christmas cards

Use this PowerPoint presentation to explain why it is important to recycle.

These and more resources can be found in the TES new year collection. bit.lytesNewyear.

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