Top 10 Physical Education Lessons

1. On the record
Not only do you have to teach students how a sport works but you must also inspire them to do well. These comic book-inspired guides do both, providing tips on how to throw a discus or perform a long jump while revealing information on world records and offering achievement targets for 11- to 14-year-olds.

2. Break the circuit
Mix up circuit training lessons by using these 27 activity stations, which will ensure that boredom never has a chance to impact on your students' performance.

3. Ace it
Tennis fans will know that, even at the highest level, players' strengths and weaknesses vary wildly. The same spread of abilities occurs in schools, so these activity ideas with differentiation tips could prove very useful.

4. Kicked into touch
Fed up of your scrum half feeding the ball too early or your number 10 kicking straight into touch from outside his 22m line? Hand them this Rugby Union rules revision guide to ensure that these incidents, and others, don't happen again.

5. Net benefit
Teaching netball is not just about throwing a group of 12-year-old students some coloured bibs and a ball. These lesson plans provide a much more structured and beneficial approach.

6. Skills drills
Have you got visions of leading your squad of 13-year-old cricketers to fame and glory? Then you had better get them started on these skills drills.

7. Going to bat
When batting in a game of rounders, self-conscious teenagers can crumble into an awkward slouch under the scrutiny of the opposing team. Try this guide to the perfect batting stance to ensure that the only flailing comes from your opponents throwing up their hands in despair.

8. Turning tables
If existing sports don't spark students' interest then why not create new ones? This guide suggests inventive ways to use a table tennis table.

9. Quite a catch
Ultimate frisbee was once perceived as a bit of a joke sport, but as it becomes more mainstream schools are increasingly under pressure to teach it. This guide explains how to do just that.

10. Duck and dive
If it weren't for Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, these resources for dodgeball might not be so much in demand. Such was the popularity of their film about the esoteric sport, however, that PE teachers are snapping up this set of instructional guides.

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