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Top student may be forced to quit

My wife is now in the last few months of her postgraduate certificate in education and having difficulty in passing the numeracy test.

She is a state-registered nurse and has a BSc (Hons). She worked as a ward sister for four years, and as a nursery nurse for 14 years. She also worked as an unqualified teacher in the same school for a further year before leaving to do the PGCE course.

On her teaching practice last term her tutor told her that if the lesson he observed was to have been taught this term, when they are given a grade, then it would have gained the higest mark - a Grade 1. Nevertheless, she is on the verge of leaving the course because of the pressure this exam creates.

I wonder who imposes these draconian measures on people who have shown competence and a positive attitude in educating the young? Would the MPs who voted for these tests be able to pass them? One further question - are those who train in Wales, who are not required to take these tests, allowed to teach in England once they are qualified?

Graham R Holloway

Rose Cottage

15 High Street South, Tiffield

Towcester, Northants

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