Top tips from the mental health co-ordinator

* Build on good things the school is doing now. Remember that small changes can have a very big impact.

* Explore mental health issues with staff - it will create a good climate in which to address them.

* Be inclusive. Your school is a focal point in your community. Involve people from outside - including parents and community organisations.

* Pupils will have great ideas that really speak to other young people. The more they are involved, the better the outcomes will be.

* Some pupils are bound to experience difficulties. If your school is accepting, tolerant, open and empathetic, those pupils will be much more confident in seeking help. They will also recover more quickly and feel more accepted for what they are.

* Remember, the health promotion agenda is for everyone in your school. It will improve confidence, self-esteem, resilience, tolerance, educational achievement and empathy . Crucially, too, it will improve and save lives.

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