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"Muck farming, song birds and kisimi: the claims of educational radio and its actualised use in the classroom, WKAR 1922-1945."

Matthew C Militello, Michigan State University

"'Those are either pregnant or they're dead!' The content of conversations of casual visitors at a manatee exhibit."

Shannon D Cline et al, University of Florida

"I am the data, my body is the text: seeking a deeper awareness of embodied knowing." Sharon M Abbey, Brock University

"The nested bootstrap applied to the generalizability theory framework."

Suzanne St Clair, University of North Texas

"Thinking about sodomy: queer administrators and the enforced closet." Catherine A Lugg, Rutgers University

"Making discourses about funk fever uninhabitable: a case study to map racialisation in the Brazilian mainstream press between Carnival 2001 and 2003."

Fernanda Selayzin Souza, University of British Columbia

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