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Topsy-turvy land of education

How much more bizarre can education become? Half of pupils are deemed to be obese and are "prescribed" less food and more exercise; the other half is anorexic and need more food and less exercise.

The "prescribed" curriculum is producing increasing rates of truancy. Sats results have reached a plateau, GCSE pass rates will go down if maths and English are emphasised in league tables, and A-levels are 10-a-penny.

Parents who have been "prescribed" advice about healthy diet are passing fish and chips through cemetery railings to their hungry offspring who are deserting school lunches.

A headteacher who was praised by his local education authority and Ofsted for turning round a school in this "prescribed" manner, has been censured by England's General Teaching Council for unprofessional conduct because of his bullying and predatory behaviour.

The Prime Minister wanted education, education, education to be his legacy.

And it will be - although not in the way he anticipates.

SJ Williams Little Sutton Cheshire.

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