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Tories slip up;Diary

ALSO quick off the blocks is Tory Central Office, claiming the inspections "reveal the terrible truth of Labour in education. These Labour LEA's [sic] are all failing their local children."

Which would be impressive if the press release didn't name the guilty authorities as Bristol, Walsall and, instead of Southwark, that well-known London borough of Suffolk.

Poor old Suffolk isn't even Labour - it's hung. Perhaps some wag adopted a comedy Sarf London accent when dictating the release.

It's not all bad news in Suffolk - sorry, Southwark. Despite the negative press, pictures by three of its year 3 pupils have been chosen to adorn two very special Christmas cards: David Blunkett's and the Department for Education and Employment's. Between them, they're going out to almost 10,000 people.

Best of all, the children attend Grove Vale primary - a failing school in this failing LEA. Guess who has to decide in the new year whether it gets a Fresh Start?

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