Tory 'teith' fairy

It will be news to the Sunday Observer but not to the Stirling Observer that Brian Monteith is in fact a member of the Tory party.

The national Sunday recently described the Conservatives' latest education spokesman as the exceptionally right-wing "Blue Trot" who has left the Conservatives. Not true, at least the second part. As the Stirling Observer knows, Monteith is the town's Tory candidate for the Holyrood elections.

But fighting for representation at Holyrood is old hat for Monteith. He fought that very seat in the Edinburgh council elections some years ago and lost.

He was "Mr No" in the Tories' campaign against the Scottish parliament during last year's referendum. Lost that too.

Best known for his support of Hibernian Football Club, he backed the takeover by Brian Kennedy, boss of Weatherseal, against Sir Tom Farmer's style of ownership. What do you know? Sir Tom's still in control.

Surely his luck will change? But then again he's been handed the Tories' education brief.

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