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News from Tactics Trends, this month's Scottish Council for Educational Technology show at the SECC, Glasgow

* The Scottish Council for Educational Technology has launched three packages in its SCETNet series of CD-Roms. The CD-Roms which allow users to work with Internet material stored on disc are now available for English and communication, art and design, and chemistry at upper secondary and further education levels.

Each disc includes information for teachers on Higher Still, lists of sites contained on the disc, resource sites and links to relevant sites on the Web, as well as a number of student activities.

The CD-Roms cost Pounds 25 each plus VAT, or Pounds 300 for 20. Tel: 0141 337 5050, or e-mail

* JIIG-CAL, the company known for its careers databases, was demonstrating a new Windows version of Pathfinder, with options for Scottish qualifications. Designed with Secondary 5-6 pupils and adults in mind, the program leads pupils through a 40-minute psychometric test of their interests, before suggesting a variety of careers options they can discuss with a teacher.

Single user subscription Pounds 195 pa plus VAT; network Pounds 250 Tel: 01483 413200,

* A new Higher Still music CD-Rom has been announced by SCET. The disc aims to provide guidance and resources to help with teaching and assessment.

Teachers are given examples of good practice through a collection of video and audio performances by students, and given support and advice for all levels in the Higher Still curriculum.

The CD-Rom also contains advice on evaluating school music departments, a collection of teaching resources, database of music courses, and glossary of concepts in Higher Still music. Queries, advice and resources can be exchanged by connecting to the Higher Still music website which allows teachers to share their experience and materials.

For more information contact Willie Coffey on tel: 0141 337 5112, or e-mail

* SCET has signed a distribution agreement with computer manufacturer ICL to ``market, sell and support the CyberSkills programme in Scotland''.

CyberSkills workshops teach community groups, individuals and organisations the ICT skills they require in a competitive jobs market. The first CyberSkills centre will be set up in Glasgow and SCET will run training in future centres on behalf of ICL.

Likeliest users, says SCET's chief executive Nigel Paine, will be the local enterprise companies (LECs). Training packages will be adapted to suit the customers' requirements.

Tel: 0141 337 5000

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