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The tough get going over editor's argument

The editorial "When change is elusive, it's time to get tough" (15 March) was a classic example of flawed logic. The argument would seem to run like this: something must be done; forced academisation is something; so forced academisation must be done. It doesn't follow and it hasn't since Aristotle first set out the rules of logic. It also doesn't help that you dismiss the evidence about school performance with a quick sneer and then go on to assume that all schools faced with forced conversion are "dire" and "unwilling to change". You would also have us believe that the only opponents of this process are "the Socialist Workers Party, jaundiced journalists and... subjective parents". That's about as objective as the view that academy supporters are made up of Tory party donors and Christian fundamentalists. It might be more helpful to look at some evidence. There were 1,310 primary schools below floor targets in 2011. Of these, 834 got above the floor target in 2012. Since there were very few academies among them, there must be another way of bringing about improvement.

John Bolt, Socialist Educational Association, London.

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