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Training arrangements not being side-stepped;Letter

There is no question of the Institute of Education "side-stepping the new funding arrangements for in-service training courses," as alleged in your report headed "In-service training cash under scrutiny" (TES, March 13).

We have undertaken a thorough review of all our courses in the light of the HEFCETTA guidance and have transferred to the TTA all those which come within the criteria for INSET courses. The Agency has itself recognised the quality of our INSET working, allocating funds for the next three years.

Our HEFCE-funded education courses have a strong research focus and cover a wide range of disciplines from pre-school to higher education - indeed, the majority of our students are not teachers.

We are confident that we have acted within the existing guidance issued by the two agencies. What seems odd is that an officer from one funding agency should publicly criticise the rigour of the other.

PETER MORTIMORE. Institute of Education. 20 Bedford Way, London WC1

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