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Training critique unwarranted

Contrary to the opinion of Mr Thomas, the training trial candidates in the East Midlands have received has reflected expertise and capability and is delivered by a variety of trainers, many of whom are or have been headteachers.

The training is designed to be of use not only to me, as a deputy head in a middle school, but also to the institution, which is reaping benefits.

The tasks involve development of the skills required in improvement of systems and school effectiveness and as such, we are learning the skills required as a head.

There is a significant workload, as would be expected by anyone in the pursuit of gaining a higher qualification - indeed, if the workload were less than it is, doubts would be cast as to the standard of the qualification.

However, the workload is manageable and the timescale is individually tailored.

CHRIS CHIPPERTON Deputy headteacher Alban C of E middle school Silver Street Great Barford Bedfordshire

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