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WHAT WAS Chris Woodhead doing in North London's Kentish Town recently, so far from his home in fashionable Notting Hill? We know he must have been there, because he left the evidence.

News arrives of Daily Mirror deputy news editor Anthony Harwood, whose car broke down in Lady Somerset Road. He called out the AA and was waiting patiently when there came a knock on the window.

"Excuse me, sir," said a tramp, politely. "I think you'll know better what to do with this than me," and handed over an object: Woodhead's pass to OFSTED Towers, complete with photograph and a stern warning on the back: "It is illegal to hand this on."

Obedient as ever, the Mirror popped the pass in an envelope and sent it back to the chief inspector, with a brief note to put his mind at ease: "Don't worry, Chris. We weren't following you."

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